Here are some other things to check out:

Local Anarchist Projects
Puget Sound Anarchists: Puget Sound news & analysis from an anarchist perspective
The Wildcat: a space for events and meetings
Rise Like Lions: awesome anarchist distro
Black Coffee Cooperative: new project aiming to open a cafe/infoshop
Wormwood Press: purveyors of fine anarchist literature and theory
Left Bank Books: read a fucking book
L@s Quixotes Radical Lending Library: read another fucking book

Seattle Friends (& Frienemies)

All Power To The Positive: local communist radio show
Black Orchid Collective: local anti-state communist/autonomist collective
Seattle Solidarity Network: problem with your boss or landlord? Stick it to ’em with SeaSol.
Occupy Seattle
Hip Hop Occupies

Ignite! Denver
Bay of Rage Oakland/SF
Burnt Book Mobile Milwaukee
Anti-State STL St. Louis
Fires Never Extinguished: Blog of the Phoenix Class War Council
Modesto (CA) Anarcho
Surf City Revolt Santa Cruz
The Black Door Atlanta
Trianarchy North Carolina Triangle Area
From the Greek Streets



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