On Witches

As it turns out, many people I know wept when they watched the video Leah-Lynn Plante made just before she was taken to a federal holding facility. It made a lot of people burst and begin to let out some of the sadness, so deep and heavy that the world is exposed, the beauty and the nothingness posed in stark contrast to one another.

When I walk around on the streets and look into peoples’ eyes I wonder if they know what is going on. I ready myself for bad news, become numb when it arrives, and slowly learn to accept the reality we all live in. Our enemy could come at any moment, just as they always could have, but now I know they are coming and that we are stronger than they are. On the bus, waiting in line at the store, or drinking in the bar, I wonder about witches.

How did it get this way? Have we really been fighting the inquisitors for this long? And what is it that our opponent actually fears? Because it is most certainly not just broken windows, spray paint, and newspapers like this one. Whenever they come after us, their first move is always to isolate us, to quarantine us from the public who are meant to be terrified by images on the nightly news of evil demons appearing out of the ether.

If I had to explain it simply, I would say that our enemy is afraid of what we do say, consistently and always to whoever asks. All too often, especially in the social world, what we say cannot be listened to for very long. Most people just want to enjoy what they can, think of the small stuff, etc. But there are all those who I keep meeting who are down for anything that isn’t this, people who get that no one should be living within these straight lines and that the world should be free. When we all begin to gather, those of us who think this way, when there are more and more of us, it is like what’s written in the books. This is what the rebellion is: the contagion, the frenzy, and the joy. Always and forever, this is what our enemy fears.

If I had to tell you something, I’d say this: we need to get the fuck out. There’s too many people in this city, everyone has to pay in order to exist, and the sooner we abandon the rulers who think they can own everything, the sooner they’ll have nothing and we’ll have everything. I know that sounds simple, but it gets even more so. All we have to do is leave, as many of us as possible and as quickly as we can. And not just leave but also to figure out how not to live like we have been, dependent on things we do not understand. To learn how to forget the languages of money and control, to live from what the land freely gives, to receive rather than take. We have to leave this old world behind, and the only way to do so is to forget it, completely.

But there are powerful people who won’t let us forget. They remind us every day that this is the way things are. When they burn us, torture us, or imprison us, they aim to make us live according to their laws of fear and cowardice. But we have never been able to live in that world, and this has lead us into endless trouble. They’ll never beat us because we just keep popping up, despite their best efforts.

Basically, this all was to say that witches are witches and the world is the world and nothing can stop the flood that is streaming around our bodies and pushing us forward into the same future that even our enemies cannot avoid. This is all going to end.

By the way everyone watching the debates and elections: anarchists aren’t gonna destroy everything. They are. And you are voting so they can do it. Congratulations on your last vote for the last president in the last days of the last sad gasps of this old and vanquished empire.



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3 responses to “On Witches

  1. anon

    why is there no light shed on the other withheld comrades amidst all this? please answer this. i don’t mean to sound offensive but i see a “poster child” comrade and the rest uncooperatively silent.

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