Happy Anniversary!

Tides of Flame is one year old! What the fuck! So much has happened in the last year. Our first issue debuted after last summer’s riotous Queers Fucking Queers. Since then, things have only gotten crazier. The hockey riots in Vancouver, the Chase bank on Broadway getting smashed again and again, military vans in Everett going up in flames, noise demos in front of the juvenile detention center, uprisings all over the world, the slow crumbling of SPD’s PR image, the Occupy Seattle saga, the Oakland Commune, the West Coast Port Shutdown, May Day… we’ve written about it all. We’ve made predictions that have come true and we predict that we’ll continue to do so!

A big thank you goes out to all who have contributed articles, printed and distributed copies, and participated in the moments of rupture that make this paper worthwhile. We hope that Tides of Flame has inspired readers to act, for all of this would be pointless if it was not arming new comrades with dangerous ideas and indestructible passions.

We do this because we love it. We do this because we hate that our dreams are so often caged in words, made real only in brief, beautiful bursts of revolt.

To comrades near, far, old, and new,
To joy, freedom, and rebellion,
To tides of flame!


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