A Word to the Seattle Superheroes

We don’t know much about you, other than that your leader is from the suburbs and that you all attacked a kid with Down’s syndrome on May 1st. But we think it is a fair assumption that the majority of you are very interested in comic books. Given that you all have taken to roaming the streets looking for broke and desperate drug dealers, perhaps it is also fair to assume that all of you have read Watchmen by Alan Moore at least once. If this is true, and if you found inspiration in that comic, then it pleases us very much to let you know that Alan Moore is an anarchist

However, as you most likely know full well, the superheroes depicted in Watchmen are extremely fallible people ridden with insecurities and mental disturbances. They collaborate with the police and the military to suppress the populations of the US and Vietnam, they rape their colleagues, and generally sell each other out. The most powerful of them becomes an emotionless shell. Alan Moore presented a group of people who ultimately betrayed themselves and those they claimed to protect in order to preserve the status quo of capitalism. Only one of them remains true to himself, and he ends up dead.

You clearly missed the point of his story, given that you are currently engaged in the same idiotic activities as the worst of his characters. We would recommend not only that you reread Watchmen but that you also revisit his seminal classic V for Vendetta. Unlike your sorry band of losers, those who donned the Guy Fawkes mask and went on the street with nothing but their voices and bodies during the past year are far more the superheroes than any of you could ever hope to be. Often times they risked everything and faced down a brutal opponent in order to express their rage and hold the streets.

Some of them even started hacking into computers and stealing dirty information on corporations, police, and politicians. These people, calling themselves Anonymous, wear the mask of V and fight against all who keep us enslaved. In case some of you failed to notice, Anonymous went after your leader, Phoenix Jones. You are all clearly hated by a lot of people, and if want a clue as to why, we refer you to the words of Alan Moore, the anarchist: And I think that if the mask stands for anything, in the current context, [the voice of the people] is what it stands for. This is the people. That mysterious entity that is evoked so often – this is the people.



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4 responses to “A Word to the Seattle Superheroes

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  2. Council of Ninja

    Greetings. We are The Global Council of Ninja.

    We are leaving a comment on this page, because of it’s benign and utter stupidity that it represents.

    Stay away from the bashing of hero’s.

    Thank you.

    Global Council of Ninja.

  3. anon

    It’s “heroes”, not hero’s. At least an anarchist knows grammar.

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