Long live anarchy!

Who will revive the violent
whirlpools of flame if not us
and those that we
consider brothers?
Come!  New friends:
this will please you.
We will never work,
oh tides of flame!
This world will explode.

– A. Rimbaud

Tides of Flame is a biweekly periodical which is part of an ongoing project of anarchist analysis and practice within the Puget Sound area.  Every two weeks, we distribute thousands of paper copies throughout Seattle.  And on this website, we’ll post the PDFs for our friends around the world.

Contact us at tidesofflame@riseup.net with feedback, submissions, and questions.



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One response to “Long live anarchy!

  1. Good work, I like many of the articles although I obviously have disagreements with them too. I’m impressed that you have managed to get 4 issues out so quickly! In the spirit of friendly criticism, I have a couple of points-

    “At any moment, an individual is capable of agitating within existing struggles and attacking capitalism and the state for their immediate destruction. ” I don’t understand. In what way are they destroyed immediately? Also, if you don’t “wait for the necessary movement”, you will doom yourself to failure. Obviously, it’s also necessary to create the necessary moments (it’s true that “waiting” can be used as an excuse for not doing anything), but saying simply that you won’t wait and implicitly, do things at the wrong time on purpose doesn’t make much sense, as if you are deliberately trying to lose.


    On the recent article about the 1919 general strike, saying “In order for them to no longer be enslaved by work, they would have to destroy the city and create something new, preserving nothing of what their bosses had them build.” sounds a little insane… do you literally mean the strikers should have destroyed the entire city?

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